Gerhard Raschke founded the Memo Steel company for constructions for carrying in December 2003 with headquaters in Heroldstatt. His vision was to set of multi-storey steel stages with experienced project managers / logisticians and trained warehouse personnel. Under the direction of experienced chief mechanics, the assembly is realized by the sister company MEMO TEAM .
  • Feb 2008 First Euroshop Düsseldorf – New all-glass balustrade & glass facade
  • Oct 2009 Reopening with a showroom in Heroldstatt
  • Feb 2011 Euroshop Düsseldorf – steel stage with overhang hung from stainless steel bars on the soffit
  • June 2013 Bearing surface 1800 m² in Heroldstatt
  • Feb 2014 Euroshop Düsseldorf
  • Feb 2017 Euroshop Düsseldorf
  • Aug 2017 Steel meets Wood! Memo Garden will be the new department of unique garden furniture