• Balustrade elements made of angle steel in anthracite, powder-coated
  • Filling made of stainless steel bars, perforated sheet or VSG 13 mm glass filling clear / satin, special balustrades possible
  • Balustrades made of below clamped VSG 24 mm all-glass, including stainless steel handrail
  • Handrail versions in beech, maple, painted or stainless steel
  • Coffeeboard can be used with an adapter on a standard balustrade, as a table-top substitute or as a place to keep

Our team realizes according to your specifications at the latest Auto CAD workplaces your individual stand design for steel platforms or special constructions under consideration of the respective technical measuring guidelines and static feasibility.

Static calculations are made in cooperation with our engineering office and submitted by us at the respective event service.

Round balustrade with partially satined VSG-13 glass and beech massive handrail